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California Attorney Robert Starr and the staff of The Law Office of Robert L. Starr bring experience, dedication, and a broad range of credentials to each case we handle.

Since 1998, The Law Office of Robert L. Starr has aggressively and passionately handled thousands of cases pertaining to the California lemon law, personal injury, employment law, and many other areas of the law in the greater Los Angeles area. If you are looking for a dedicated attorney in California, or if you have questions regarding any of your rights, contact our firm for a free initial consultation.

Our background and credentials include:

  • Mr. Starr is a real estate broker, an owner of commercial real estate, a former finance officer with the Los Angeles Housing Department, and a past employee of Wells Fargo bank
  • Our staff includes a former auto mechanic and a former car and truck dealership service advisor. We deeply understand cars, auto defects, manufacturer recalls, accidents caused by defects, and the California Lemon Law.
  • Mr. Starr is a former auto trader, and frequently knows more about cars and automobile defects than automobile dealers themselves.

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Lemon Law Lawyer Los Angeles

The Lemon Laws in California were created to shield the consumer in the event they come across problems with their purchase through the life of the warranty. When purchasing or leasing a vehicle, you’ve got every right to assume that it functions correctly and you’ll get an automobile that’s dependable. When issues appear during that warranty period, be it previously hidden damage or mechanical concerns, you have rights under state and federal law to help you garner appropriate compensation. Should you feel like you were sold a ‘lemon’, you should contact a skilled Los Angeles lemon lawyer to assist you in understanding your rights and receive a just result.

Experienced Los Angeles Lemon Lawyer

The competent Los Angeles Lemon Lawyers At the Law Offices of Robert L. Starr understand the strategies that dealers and manufacturers use to prevent solving your issue appropriately or to minimize the monies that they owe. We are devoted to helping our clients reach a resolution that is just and fair. We’re prepared to go to bat for you with our extensive knowledge of California Lemon Laws so that a practical resolution can be reached.

If you have purchased or leased a lemon, contact an experienced Los Angeles lemon lawyer today for a free consultation. (818) 225-9040

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act of California, also referred to as Lemon Law of California, was enacted in order to give assistance to purchasers of lemon vehicles. Ordinarily, the California Lemon Law pertains to automobiles where the dealerships or seller have been unable to fix within the warranty period after being given a fair amount of chances. For qualifying automobiles, the manufacturer should give the consumer the cash back, or replace the vehicle with a vehicle that is similar or identical.