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California Class Action LawyerA class action lawsuit is different from a typical lawsuit in that a large number of plaintiffs bring suit against a defendant or defendants based on a common set of facts shared by the plaintiffs. It can vary from defective products to environmental hazards. If you feel you have a claim that affects others, as well as yourself, you should contact a California Class Action Lawyer from Robert L. Starr Law.

A California class action is a type of lawsuit in which the claims and rights of many people are decided in a single case.

It is common for individual plaintiffs are showcased in the class action lawsuit to assert the claims of the entire class, simply so those with the same claim or injury don’t have to file their own separate class action lawsuit California. Also, it allows those that have smaller claims towards the same entity the opportunity to try the cases together.

California class action lawsuits have made it possible for individuals stand up to some of the most powerful corporations and industries to hold them accountable for their wrongdoing and to recover just compensation. A California Class Action Lawyer from Robert Starr Law well-versed in class action litigation. They are your first step in achieving justice.

Professional California Class Action Lawyer Robert L Starr

At Robert Starr Law, our California Class Action Lawyers have played a pivotal roles in shaping the outcome of high profile class action lawsuits. The award winning lawyers at Starr Law recognize that class actions are complex and often time consuming cases, but remain undeterred. Should you choose to work with a California class action attorney from Starr Law, you can be confident knowing that regardless of the complications of your case or the amount of damages involved that we will fight tirelessly on their behalf.

For example, 150 people who have suffered an adverse reaction to a drug may sue the drug manufacturer as a plaintiff class rather than file 150 individual lawsuits. Contact a reputable California Class Action Lawyer Robert L. Starr and his staff of highly skilled class action lawyer California today if you feel this is your circumstance.

California Class Action Lawsuits

The courts allow plaintiffs to consolidate their individual cases into a class action lawsuit to avoid a situation where the courts are flooded with hundreds or even thousands of individual lawsuits against a defendant or defendants. Instead, all of the claims are heard in one case with one attorney or a group of California class action attorneys representing the entire class of plaintiffs.

In California, in order for the Court to allow the case to proceed as a class action rather than as individual cases, the plaintiff must show the existence of “an ascertainable class” and a “well-defined community of interest among class members.” The “community of interest” element contains the following three factors:

  • (1) Predominant common questions of law or fact, in that similar legal issues and facts are shared among the class.
  • (2) Class representatives must have claims or defenses typical of the class. This requirement means that the parties names as class representatives must present the same factual and legal issues as the class.
  • (3) Class representatives who can adequately represent the class. This means that the class representative and counsel must be able to represent the interests of the class effectively.

If the class can meet these requirements stated above, then the court may recognize the class and the class action lawsuit may proceed.

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In class action cases, the same standards as an individual lawsuit apply in that the defendant or defendants must be found liable for causing injury to the plaintiffs. These cases do differ on the procedures used to litigate the case. Class actions are complicated legal matters requiring counsel experienced in this area of law.

The Los Angeles Class Action Law Firm of Robert L. Starr has served as lead counsel on a number of notable class action cases. If you believe that you may have a class action lawsuit, contact the Law Office of Robert L. Starr for a free, confidential case evaluation. We protect the rights of our clients. We proudly serve all of California, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Orange County