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California Employment AttorneyInequality and discrimination in the workplace has been a cause for concern for decades. Most employees feel as if they have no voice or way of defending themselves when they have been treated unfairly by their employer. Allow a Los Angeles Employment Lawyer from Robert L. Starr help you better understand your rights. The burden of proof should’t rest entirely on your shoulders.

You should not feel intimidated. It often can feel as if your employer is holding all the cards or you are too intimidated to speak out against the higher-ups. Your employer may even hire a employment lawyer California to deter you from following through with legal proceedings. Well, the California employment attorneys at Starr Law are here to stand firmly behind you and fight for your rights.

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At the California employment law firm of Robert L. Starr we fight both large and small corporations and businesses to ensure that your case is heard in a fair and just manner. Over the past 10 years Robert L. Starr and his team of experienced Los Angeles Employment Attorneys have helped employees gain fair outcomes in employment law disputes.

Fighting Large Corporations and Organizations On Your Behalf is Our Job

We know how it can feel to go up against your employer. Since 1996, Los Angeles Employment Lawyer Robert Starr has passionately helped individuals fight for their rights against larger interests. We help injured people fight insurance companies. We help consumers in consumer fraud and defective product cases. And we help employees when employers treat them unfairly.

If any of the following apply to you, you should contact a California employment attorney from Robert L. Starr today:

  • Wage and hour issues, including the misclassification of non-exempt employees?
  • Sexual harassment, including quid pro quo sex-for-benefits harassment or a hostile work environment?
  • Wrongful termination?
  • Pregnancy Employment Discrimination
  • Discrimination, including discrimination regarding race, religion, national origin, disability, gender or age?
  • Workplace safety violations?
  • Employment law violations involving breaks, overtime or bonuses?
  • Commission pay and disputes?
  • Employment contracts?
  • Misclassification of contractors, including professionals, dancers, and artists?
  • Non-compete agreements?
  • Or any other employment related issue?

The most frequent employment protection laws that are broken that fall under discrimination at the workplace. Discrimination is a very serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many forms of discrimination, examples include: Age, gender, race, disabilities and religious beliefs.

California Employment Attorney Robert L. Starr is especially experienced in gender equality litigation and also is well-versed with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). He can provide clients a way to properly seek compensation for lost wages or pain and suffering resulting from unreasonable stress at the workplace.

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California Discrimination Against the Disabled

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects employees in the state of California from disability discrimination. This California disabilities protection covers all aspects of employment – promotions, wages, raises, health insurance, and all other aspects of the job. Wrongful termination may also result from disability discrimination. If you have a disability, it is your right as an American citizen to be treated exactly the same way as anyone else. If you feel as if your rights have been trampled upon, contact an experienced Employment Attorney California.

The Law Is On Your Side

We’ve helped countless California residents fight for proper meal breaks, overtime, and fair wages. If you have questions regarding employment law, contact a California Employment Attorney Robert L. Starr today for a free employment law consultation. We are experts at California Labor Laws and can find solutions to the most complicated of employment law problems.

If you believe that you’ve been the victim of unfair wages or wrongful termination, contact California Employment Attorney Robert L. Starr today for a free case evaluation. We deliver legal assistance to clients throughout California. Including the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and Orange County

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