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Headlight Condensation

headlight condensation

Some vehicles contain design and/or manufacturing defects that cause certain areas to be highly prone to condensation or moisture.

In cases where water can enter the headlamp housing, interior components, including the Electrical Control Unit, may be damaged. This can lead to serious safety hazards such as loss of illumination from one or both headlamps at unpredictable intervals, exposing drivers and those who they share the road with to significant and unreasonable danger, including traffic accidents that can result in injury or death.

Initially, the majority of vehicle owners affected by headlight condensation problems are unaware of the issue because they are either unaware of the problem or because the condensation dries out before it is observed.

Sometimes, when a consumer does complain of headlight condensation, the consumer is told the headlights were functioning as designed and instructed to let the condensation dry. Our law firm believes this is not an appropriate response and we continue to investigate the cause and effects of water condensation in headlights.

Problems With Headlights and Water Condensation

Improper fit of parts, failed gaskets, and/or lack of implementing drainage routes can lead to problems with moisture.

As a result, some vehicle owners may experience:

  • Intermittent operation of one or both headlights
  • Premature failure of headlamps
  • Corrosion of internal parts
  • Failure of electronic components

Don’t get stuck paying for repairs and damage that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place. In addition to monetary costs, your safety may be at stake. Even if outside the warranty period, you have rights when your car has issues due to the fault of the car dealer or manufacturer.

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