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If you have recently purchased a vehicle and have reason to believe you have been sold a lemon it is important you know your rights. You should immediately contact an experienced Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney to advise you on how to proceed and to get just compensation. The California Lemon Law requires the seller or manufacturer to replace or repurchase the vehicle if they are unable to fix or comply with the specific warranty after a reasonable number or repair attempts have been made.

When buying or leasing a vehicle, you have every right to assume you will get a car that is reliable and that works properly. The Lemon Laws in California were created to protect the consumer in the event they come across issues with their purchase throughout the timeframe of the warranty. When problems arise during that warranty period, be it previously unseen damage or mechanical concerns, you can find rights under federal and state law to help you garner proper compensation. Should you feel like you were sold a ‘lemon’, you need to contact a skilled Los Angeles lemon law attorney to help you understand your rights and receive a just outcome.

Experienced Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorneys

The capable Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorneys At the Law Offices of Robert L. Starr know the tricks that dealers and manufacturers use against consumers to avoid resolving your problem or to minimize the recovery that they owe. We’re dedicated to aiding you in getting a reasonable settlement. We are ready to go to bat for you with our extensive knowledge of California Lemon Laws is a practical settlement cannot be reached.

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The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act of California, also referred to as Lemon Law of California, was enacted in order to give assistance to consumers of lemon vehicles. Ordinarily, the Lemon Law California pertains to automobiles where the dealerships or seller have been unable to fix within the guarantee period after being given a fair amount or chances. For qualifying cars, the car manufacturer should settle the outstanding balance, should give the consumer the money back, or replace the vehicle with a similar or equal vehicle.

The California Lemon Law also requires that the manufacturer pay out for a meritorious claim. That includes paying the legal fees for your Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney. This makes the law economically feasible for those that would otherwise not be able to hire an experienced Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney.

We Have the Dedication and Know-How It Takes to Get Justice for You

Our Los Angeles lemon law firm is unique for it’s in-depth knowledge about automobiles and has access to diagnostic resources. Los Angeles lemon law attorney Robert Starr has a staff that includes a former mechanic and a dealership service advisor, which makes him acutely aware of how a vehicle should perform and how legitimate car transactions are to be handled.

We know the tricks that manufacturers and dealers use against consumers, and we will work hard to help you get the compensation, replacement or repair you deserve. If you go to the manufacturer directly with your problem, they will likely steer you toward arbitration, which could result in a lower recovery for you. Lemon Law Attorney Robert Starr frequently knows more about cars than the dealers selling them! With over 16 years of experience in the California lemon law, we are committed to finding successful outcomes for our clients.

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Below are Common California Lemon Vehicle Problems.

Lemon cars involve both safety- and non-safety-related issues. Problems related to safety include issues with:

  • Airbags
  • Steering and alignment
  • Transmission – sudden lack of acceleration, slipping, over-revving
  • Stalling or shutting off
  • Headlights
  • Brakes
  • Etc…

Other times, the problem is not related to safety, such as:

  • Transmission noises, grinding, and clunking
  • Electrical problems with the radio, locks, windows, or air conditioning
  • Cosmetic issues, such as defects in car molding
  • Leaks
  • Etc…

Los Angeles Lemon Law Protects You From Lemons

California Lemon Law and federal consumer warranty law protect people who buy or lease an automobile and experience problems during the warranty period. These laws offer the following remedies:

  • The manufacturer repurchases the car from you.
  • The manufacturer replaces your car.
  • You can receive a cash settlement, which may include a repair supervised by the manufacturer’s representative.

Hire an Experienced Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney

Being stuck using a car that’s problematic is unacceptable. The Los Angeles Lemon Law attorneys at Robert L. Starr’s firm possess the knowledge and the experience that can help you reach a resolution. The Lemon Law in California is a consumer protection statute that’s in place to aid customers exactly like you. Having an experienced Los Angeles lemon law attorney by your side to assess your case and become your advocate is the best approach when seeking appropriate compensation.

We handle all makes and models. Regardless of the year or outward appearance of the vehicle, it might have preexisting conditions that might constitute filing a lawsuit. No vehicle, van, car or SUV is without the chance of manufacture problems or previous poor quality repairs. Previous wrecks and damage that may have been repaired improperly are also valid under the Los Angeles Lemon Law. Be aware of your rights and seek the justice you deserve. If you think you have been sold or leased a faulty vehicle and have been denied proper compensation or denied a new vehicle, you need to contact the law office of Robert Starr to hear how California’s Lemon Law can help you.

If you believe that your new or used vehicle is a lemon, contact the Law Office of Robert L. Starr today for a free Los Angeles lemon law case evaluation.

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