Significant Cases

Audi Timing Belt Failure
We served as co-counsel against the German auto manufacturer Audi. The case involved a warranty issue. Specifically, the owners’ manual recommended checking the timing belt for failure at a certain point, but, in the majority of cases, the belt failed after the warranty expired. We settled the case out of court for a favorable and confidential sum.

Toyota Prius Incorrect Mileage
We are involved in a dispute involving Toyota’s hybrid car Prius, which may not achieve the mileage that Toyota claims, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Harley Davidson Steering Issue
We are involved in a potential suit against Harley Davidson, Inc. regarding a swaying steering apparatus and defective rubber engine mount.

Improper Exotic Dancer Compensation
We represent numerous exotic dancers who perform in clubs in California and Nevada. We claim that strip clubs do not follow wage and hour laws when compensating exotic dancers.