Taking on a large auto manufacturer is not an easy task; not every attorney is up to the challenge. However, one example of how we at The Law Office of Robert L. Starr get results on behalf of consumers in Los Angeles and throughout California is through the settlement of a class action lawsuit against BMW over electrical damage and water damage. Founding attorney Robert Starr was a member of the legal team that secured up to $477.7 million for class members

Lawsuit And Settlement Details

The final settlement will cover owners of 2004-2010 model year BMW 5 Series cars that have less than 120,000 miles and are less than 10 years old.

According to the owners, BMW manufactured cars that were susceptible to water buildup and damage in the trunk because sunroof drainage tubes would become clogged. That water would back up into the trunk area and would damage electrical systems located in that area of the car.

The owner who originally brought the lawsuit forward said his car shut down while driving with his wife on a busy, four-lane road.

Eligible owners can now bring in their cars for free checkups and repairs. If repairs have already been done, owners are eligible for up to $1,500 in compensation.

Why Skilled Legal Representation Is Necessary

Often times, the only way that large corporations will respect consumers is through severe financial penalties. To achieve that result requires skilled lawyers who know the cars and how to uncover the fact that manufacturers knew about the problems and refused to act.

At The Law Office of Robert L. Starr, we have the resources, trial and negotiation experience, in-depth knowledge of cars to uncover problems and stick with these cases for the years it takes to get a positive result.

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