Since the early 2000's some auto manufactures have been using a continuously variable transmission (CVT) as a replacement for a standard transmission typically containing 3-6 gears ratios. However, there are many reports listing consumer's problems with mechanical failure, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

It is suspected that design and /or manufacturing flaws may be a factor in causing these issues.

Have You Paid For the Repair of a Defective CVT Transmission?

The Law Office of Robert L. Starr has helped automobile owners recover monetary compensation after paying for repairs that should have been the responsibility of the auto manufacturer. We protect the rights of consumers, and our in-depth knowledge of the methods auto dealers and manufacturers use to avoid paying valid repair costs is second-to-none.

We are currently investigating consumer's concerns regarding continuously variable transmissions (CVT), transmission control modules (TCM) and automatic transmission fluid pump bushings.

Failures and defects in these systems may cause defective operations which can include:

  • Loss of Forward Propulsion
  • Acceleration Surging
  • Significant Delays in Acceleration
  • Error Messages
  • Emergency Mode Engagement
  • Loss of Reverse Gear

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