If you happen to be an owner of a BMW X5, with model year between 2008-2015, you could fall victim to a faulty locking system that has recently been exposed. The latest BMW class action lawsuit takes aim at the car company's automatic door locking and unlocking feature.

BMW created this clever comfort motion access feature to make 'keyless entry' even more convenient. The feature's purpose was to allow anyone that had possession of the keys to access the vehicle without having to press any buttons on the keyless remote. It was designed to make it easier for BMW X5 owners to gain entry into the car if they had their hands full. Similarly, this keyless feature is supposed to lock the vehicle's doors when the person holding the vehicle's keys walks away from the vehicle.

The feature was designed to make it easier to open the car door when carrying groceries, other objects, and even children. Similar owner's manuals with the same technology claim that the door would only lock or unlock if the sensor within the key was outside of the vehicle, which has not been the case for those involved in this BMW class action lawsuit. If the hands-free entry worked as promised, the feature should be deactivated when the keys are inside the BMW X5. What BMW manufactures didn't anticipate is that it would unintentionally lock the keys inside the car, along with whatever or whomever was left in the car, making this a very hazardous defect.

What Happens When The Automatic Locking System Fails?

One of the plaintiffs in the latest BMW class action lawsuit alleges that due to BMW's faulty lock system her young child was locked inside her BMW X5. Her only solution was to break a window. That could have led to serious injury to her child or to herself. The plaintiff goes on to suggest that it is an obvious defect, or the lock wouldn't spontaneously lock with the keys inside.

Owners of BMW X5 SUVs, including those involved in the BMW class action suit, have complained about the remote locking feature and how the feature didn't work well for them or bode well for the safety of their families.

When the defective locking system is triggered people can easily lock themselves out of the vehicle or can accidentally lock their children inside the SUV, creating an extremely unsafe situation. In the recorded incidents that this has happened, BMW owners have had to break a window or hire a locksmith in order to unlock the vehicle, costing money, and potentially creating a very dangerous situation for the children locked inside.

So How Can Starr Law's BMW Class Action Lawsuit Affect You?

The law offices of Robert Starr would like to help those negatively affected by BMW's latest defect. We are here to represent people who have experienced a malfunctioning automatic door locking system. If you are an owner of a BMW X5 and the above accountings of defective locking systems sound familiar, you may be due just compensation. The lawyers at Starr Law in California have the expertise and the knowledge to properly find a resolution.

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As alleged, the comfort access feature is a convenience feature integrated into the BMW X5, and their remote controls. With regard to the functionality of the comfort access feature, the BMW owners' manual states, "The concept: The vehicle can be accessed without activating the remote control. All you need to do is to have the remote control with you, e.g., in your jacket pocket. The vehicle automatically detects the remote control when it is nearby or in the passenger compartment."

The BMW class action lawsuit is for all BMW X5, model years 2008 through 2015, that are equipped with the 'comfort motion access feature'.

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