At The Law office of Robert L. Starr, we help dancers, showgirls, and other employees of clubs with a variety of legal issues, helping them receive justice and compensation for the emotional and or financial damage they have suffered.

You need a lawyer who will listen to your concerns about your job and treat you with the respect you deserve. Don't continue to be exploited. California Attorney Robert L. Starr has the legal experience needed to take on club owners and managers. He has successfully represented dancers who have been mistreated, obtaining settlements that allow them to move on with their life.

No matter where you work: a nightclub, topless bar, Cabaret, or Gentlemen's Club - or what job: hostess, waitress, showgirl, topless or nude dancer - you have rights under the law that your employer must follow.

We have successfully helped protect rights concerning:

  • Being provided a clean & safe workplace, free of sexual harassment - stage, restrooms, & changing areas
  • Preventing and reporting illegal activities - prostitution, drug use, and drug sales in the club
  • Allowing rest & meal breaks, allowing you personal time and letting you leave/return for lunch
  • Earning and treatment of tips in a fair and legal way
  • Off-Stage lap dance fees - allowing you to keep the whole amount given to you
  • Classifying a proper employment status for wages, overtime, & benefits
  • Other claims for adult entertainment workers against producers and production companies

The above issues have serious effects on your livelihood and quality of life. Don't continue to be taken advantage of and cheated out of what you deserve. We stand up for the rights of women who are not treated fairly by their employers.

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There is no commitment or cost for you to speak with us. Typically, we settle with the owners and managers. However, if they refuse to be reasonable, we are happy to bring your case to the courtroom.