Typical wage and hour violations can involve an employer who fails to pay a worker overtime, failure to pay the legal minimum wage, or failure to allow a required meal break.

California law provides a number of protections for workers against unfair practices by their employer.

These protections include:

  • In California, most workers are entitled to overtime pay for all work in excess of eight hours in a day or forty hours in a week, or for work performed on the seventh consecutive day. Salaried employees are also entitled to overtime pay given the employee does not fall under the overtime exemption.
  • The minimum wage in California is $9.00 per hour as of July 1, 2014. An employer may not pay an employee less than the minimum wage.
  • Under California law, most employees are entitled to a 30-minute meal break during a workday that exceeds five hours. A required meal break must be free from workplace duties and allow the employee to leave the work site.

Have You Been Victim to Wage and Hour Violations?

If your employer violates any of these legal protections, you may be entitled to damages and compensation for attorney's fees.

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