The most frustrating thing about purchasing a lemon is thinking about how much you spent on the car and the following trips back to the dealer for repairs. Fortunately, you can get your money back.

Fortunately, California has some of the strongest lemon laws in the nation for consumers who have fallen victim to purchasing lemons. At The Law Office of Robert L. Starr based in Los Angeles, we have a team of lawyers and car experts who can guide you through the process of making a lemon law claim and securing the compensation you deserve.

We Will Pursue The Outcome That Works Best For You

There are three possible remedies available to you in a lemon law claim:

  • The manufacturer repurchases the car from you
  • The manufacturer replaces your car
  • You can receive a cash settlement, which may include a repair supervised by the manufacturer's representative

We provide representation focused on your goals and best interests, meaning we will work toward the solution that works best for you. If the defense is not negotiating in good faith, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial, where founding attorney Robert Starr has a lengthy track record of success.

Win Or Lose, You Will Not Pay A Thing

Under California Lemon Law, the defense must pay all of your legal fees if you prevail. Attorney fees will not come out of your final settlement. Additionally, if we cannot recover compensation for you, we do not get paid.

That means there is no financial risk in working with The Law Office of Robert L. Starr. To learn more about how we can stand up for your rights, we invite you to schedule a free consultation today by sending us an email or by calling us at 818-225-9040.