Owners of specific model automobiles have experienced issues where water is entering certain areas of their vehicle (water intrusion) and either affecting electrical components and/or pooling onto the interior - this pooling can cause several issues with your car.

It is suspected that design and /or manufacturing flaws may be a factor in causing these issues. For example, improper fit or poor sealing of car body parts may allow water to leak in to an car's interior. Gaskets may also fail to prevent water intrusion.

Another type of issue that leads to water intrusion problems is related to a car's inability to drain water away as designed drainage routes become clogged or plugged. If these routes are not maintained to be clear paths for drainage, then problems can occur. However, the maintenance of these drainage routes may not be a typical service procedure and it might not even be spelled out in your car's service manual. If problems occur, is the car owner really to blame?

Also, the failure of car dealers to properly handle the maintenance of cars, trucks, and SUV's may cause water intrusion problems.