When you buy or lease a car, you have every right to expect that it will work properly. When problems occur during the warranty period, you should not be stuck with a lemon.

At The Law Office of Robert L. Starr, we know the tricks that dealers and manufacturers use against consumers to avoid resolving problems or to minimize the recovery that they owe. We can put California and federal lemon laws to work for you to help you get a fair settlement. If we cannot reach a reasonable settlement, we will be ready to go to bat for you at trial.

The Dedication And Know-How It Takes To Get Justice For You

Our lemon law firm is one of the best in California because of our team's unique depth of knowledge about automobiles and access to diagnostic resources.

Along with his staff, which includes a former mechanic and a dealership service advisor, founding lawyer Robert Starr frequently knows more about cars than the dealers selling them. With more than 16 years of experience in California Lemon Law, there are few better choices for representation than Robert Starr.

We will work hard to help you get the compensation, replacement or repair you deserve. If you go to the manufacturer directly with your problem, they will likely steer you toward arbitration, which could result in a lower recovery for you. We will determine whether your car qualifies under lemon law or if there is a better option to pursue compensation.

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You will never owe any fees for meeting with us to explore your options. Additionally, you will owe no out-of-pocket fees, win or lose, and if you win, the defense must pay your attorney fees. To learn more about how we can protect your rights as a consumer, please contact us online or call us at our office in the Los Angeles area at 818-225-9040.