Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider breaches the standard of care when providing treatment to a patient. If you feel as if you have been mistreated or misdiagnosed by your physician you should contact a Los Angeles medical malpractice attorney from the Law Offices of Robert L. Starr.

There is a standard of care that your healthcare provider or physician should follow. The 'standard of care' refers to the accepted procedures and practices that all healthcare practitioners in the California should follow when treating a patient suffering from a specific disease or ailment. In order to establish liability for medical malpractice, the breach of the standard of care must then cause injury to the patient.

Los Angeles Medical Malpractice Attorney Robert L. Starr Can Help

Los Angeles Medical malpractice can occur through two broad areas of conduct. The first involves cases in which a provider is careless or makes a mistake in the course of a procedure or treatment resulting in injury. An example of this type of California medical malpractice would be found if a surgeon performs a procedure for a hernia and unknowingly cuts the patient's intestines causing the abdominal cavity to be infected due to contamination.

A second common example can be found when a provider fails to diagnose a condition which results in an injury. An example of this type of medical malpractice could be found in a provider who fails to diagnose the fact a patient has cancer by not following the standard for care of diagnosis.

Have You Been Injured Due To Medical Malpractice In California?

A person injured by medical malpractice may be eligible for compensatory and punitive damages in limited cases. If you feel you were you a victim of medical malpractice in California you should contact a professional Los Angeles medical malpractice attorney immediately.

If you believe that you have been injured by medical malpractice, contact The Los Angeles Medical Malpractice Law Firm of Robert L. Starr for a free, confidential case evaluation. We offer superior legal assistance to clients throughout California. Including the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and Orange County