Products liability cases involve situations where a party is injured by a defective product. A defective product is a product that is unsafe for its intended or reasonably foreseeable uses due to an imperfection in the product itself. If you have suffered injuries or property damage stemming from a faulty product or products, it is wise to contact an experienced Los Angeles product liability lawyer immediately to understand your rights as a consumer.

For example, a toaster may have an imperfection in the wiring that may cause the wires to melt or even burn during operation. When a consumer uses the toaster, the wires may catch fire, possibly causing property damage and serious injuries. In this example, this defect in the toaster is the direct cause of an injury, and as such, the toaster is a defective product and the manufacturer may be liable for injuries sustained to consumers as a result.

Products liability cases generally fall into three broad categories:

  • Design defects (the product fails due to poor design)
  • Manufacturing defects (the product is designed properly but is made poorly)
  • Warning defects (the product fails to warn of a danger to users)

In these cases, the plaintiff must prove that the product was defective when it left manufacturer and that the defect was the proximate cause of their injury or property damage.

Are You in Need of a Los Angeles Product Liability Lawyer?

A person injured by a defective product may be eligible for compensatory damages to cover injuries or property damage sustained as a result of the defective product. In limited cases, punitive damages may also be awarded to an injured party in a product liability case.

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