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Reaching the point where you can buy a boat is an exciting moment, and it takes a lot to get there. When you purchase a new boat only to find that it is ridden with mechanical or structural problems, it can be extremely frustrating. At The Law Office of Robert Starr, APC, we understand California lemon law and can help you ensure you don’t have to shoulder all the repair costs for your new boat. Our Los Angeles boat lemon law attorneys focus on these kinds of cases and can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Is Your Boat Covered?

Lemon laws are not just in place to save boat buyers money on repair costs—they work to keep people safe. An unsafe boat poses drowning and collision risks to operators and passengers. When you buy a new boat, most repairs are to be covered under its warranty. As the owner, you are expected to give the dealer multiple chances to fix the problem before filing a lemon law claim.

Lemon laws apply to you if:

  • Your boat is still under warranty
  • The requested repairs are taking longer than they should
  • You were misled about the functional status of the boat

Fraud during the Sale

Unfortunately, some dealers do not act ethically when making a sale. Many of our clients at
The Law Office of Robert Starr, APC come to us with stories of a boat that was just too good to be true—low price, no problems, and miraculously still available. The moment they take it out onto the water, of course, the boat turns out to have all sorts of issues. Buyer beware does not mean a dealer can lie outright to you. Our Los Angeles boat lemon law attorney can help you identify
if your boat dealer broke the law.

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