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If you buy a new car, there should not be any problems. When you buy a used car, you expect the dealer to be straight with you about any potential problems. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you have questions about whether you purchased a lemon, call The Law Office of Robert Starr, APC to talk to a lemon law attorney about your case.

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Is Your Car Covered?

Nothing is worse than seeing a check engine light flash on shortly after purchasing a car. If your car is covered under lemon laws, you are entitled to receive a cash settlement or have the manufacturer replace/repurchase the problem car, motorcycle, RV, or boat. Our firm can help you identify if you purchased a lemon and show you what to do next.

Lemon law covers:

  • New cars under warranty
  • Leased cars under warranty
  • Certified preowned cars under warranty

How to Know if You Bought a Lemon

Not every car problem means you have a lemon on your hands. However, if you recently purchased a car that is still under warranty, you should not have to repeatedly take your car back to the dealer for repairs on the same problem.

Be on the lookout for warning signs, such as problems with:

  • Airbags
  • Steering and alignment
  • Transmission, such as a sudden lack of acceleration, slipping, over-revving,
    or grinding and clunking noises
  • Stalling or shutting off
  • Headlights
  • Brakes
  • Electrical problems with the radio, locks, windows, or air conditioning
  • Cosmetic issues such as defects in car molding
  • Leaks

Under Lemon Law, you must give a dealership a “reasonable” number of chances to repair a problem. This amount is not the same for every problem. You should reach out to us quickly if there is a problem that affects your immediate safety.

There are three possible remedies available to you in a lemon law claim:

  • The manufacturer repurchases the car from you
  • The manufacturer replaces your car
  • You can receive a cash settlement, which may include a repair supervised
    by the manufacturer’s representative

Under Lemon Law, the defense must pay all of your legal fees if you prevail. Attorney fees will not come out of your final settlement. Additionally, if we cannot recover compensation for you, we will not request payment of any legal fees.

Vehicle Fraud

If you bought a used car that is not covered by lemon law, you should still talk to an experienced lawyer like Robert Starr about your options. No matter what, dealers are required to inform you about the car’s problems and whether it was in any accidents. Some dealers hope you will handle any car problems on your own once you’ve left their lot. The good news is that your car trouble could make for a vehicle fraud lawsuit in which we could represent you.

What to Do Next

Our firm has helped thousands of car buyers who unknowingly purchased lemons, and we know what makes a successful lemon law claim.

Below are three of the most important things you can do to put yourself
in the best position for a successful outcome:

  • Do not submit to arbitration: No matter what a dealer or manufacturer may tell you, you do not have
    to submit to third-party arbitration before taking legal action under
    state or federal lemon laws. They count on you not being aware of your
    legal rights and using the arbitration process to their advantage. Do
    not give them the upper hand.
  • Keep good records of all your trips to the dealer: From the moment you purchase your vehicle through every phone call or
    trip to the dealer to have your car worked on, keep a record of everything
    in writing. Make sure the service representative working on your car writes
    out a full explanation of what they looked at and the work they did. Having
    clear records will benefit your lemon law claim because it will show the
    hoops you jumped through to have a working car.
  • Hire an experienced lemon law attorney: You do not have to let dealers and manufacturers push you around. We
    know the law and we know what your rights are. We can stand up for you
    and guide you through the entire process to work towards a suitable settlement
    or fight for you in court, if that is what is necessary.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

Attorney Robert Starr has been handling lemon law claims for more than 20 years. We know every argument and trick that manufacturers and dealers will use to try and limit their damages. Let us help you file a successful claim and get you the respect you deserve as a consumer.

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