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At The Law Office of Robert Starr, APC, we are committed to getting justice for the buyers of new and used motorcycles that turn out to be lemons. As motorcycle enthusiasts themselves, Attorney Robert Starr and members of his staff are sensitive to the concerns that riders face every day on the road. If you have purchased a new or pre-owned motorcycle that you suspect is a lemon, contact our office to speak with a Los Angeles motorcycle lemon law attorney.

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When It Comes to Motorcycles, There Is Little Room for Error

Motorcycle lemon law is different from auto lemon law. While a problem with a car can mean having to pull over and call a tow truck, a defect in a motorcycle can cause serious injury or death. You must be able to feel confident in the safety of your vehicle. Ignoring a check engine light on your motorcycle can be fatal.

Motorcycle Lemon Law Issues

Generally, motorcycle lemon law issues can be divided into three main groups:

  • Mechanical problems, including issues involving head gaskets, starter clutches,
    loss of power, front end vibration, sporadic idle, and defective fuel pumps
  • Design defects, including defects that cause swaying
  • Service problems, such as when a motorcycle is taken in for repair but
    not fixed within a reasonable time frame

Let Us Handle Your Motorcycle Lemon Law Concerns

Both California lemon law and federal consumer warranty law protect motorcycle riders who buy a new or used motorcycle and experience problems during the warranty period.

The law offers the following remedies:

  • The manufacturer repurchases the motorcycle from you
  • The manufacturer replaces your motorcycle
  • You can receive a cash settlement, which may include repair supervised
    by the manufacturer’s representative

If you believe that your motorcycle is a lemon, contact The Law Office of Robert Starr, APC today for a free case evaluation with our Los Angeles motorcycle lemon law attorneys.

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